Working in a Remote World

Working in a
Remote World

Building Organizational Speed, Agility and Resilience
Assess Your Current Situation
Remote working can help organizations move at a faster clip as companies tap into new labor pools and specialized remote expertise.
McKinsey & Company
The COVID-19 recovery, May 2020
Now and forever

When did you realize the world had changed forever?

March 2020? April 2020? May 2020?

Whenever the impact of the Pandemic became a reality for you and your organization, the change was deep and fast.

Many businesses were immediately shuttered with no clue when they could return to normal.
Many others rapidly transitioned to remote work and started adapting to the new normal.

No matter how you and your organization reached this point, we must all accept a fundamental truth:

We are never going back.

Working Remotely is now and forever a core business strategy that affects every area of every business.

The key to success is developing the organizational speed, agility and resilience to work in a “hybrid” remote world, enabling some teams and team members to work on site and others to work remotely at least some of the time and even 100% of the time.

We have looked to McKinsey for strategic direction and have adopted the following Working Remote Manifesto:

We have looked to McKinsey for strategic direction and have adopted the following Working Remote Manifesto:

Rethink Ways of Working

Accelerate decision making
Cultivate extraordinary partnerships
Transform execution excellence

Reimagine Structure

Flatten structures
Make hybrid work
Unleash empowered teams

Reshape Talent

Relearn how to learn
Rethink leadership roles
Grow tomorrow’s leaders today

Assess Your Organization's Speed, Agility & Resilience

How will your organization respond to the new normal of working remotely?

Remote Assessment

Examine where you are today and set your sights on what your organization must do to get better at Working Remote in these key areas:


Empathy & Humility
Coaching & Mentoring
Vision & Foresight
Continuous Development
Culture of Trust


Recruiting Global Talent
Technical & Real Skills Assessment
Team Selection & Hiring
Role Clarity & Team Size
Resource Allocation
Development & Upskilling
Recognition & Compensation




Empowerment & Commitment


Customer First
Event Management
Estimating & Productivity
Predictable Velocity
Continuous Improvement


Values & Principles
Vision & Purpose
Goals & Objectives

Will you seize the opportunity to gain speed, agility and resilience?


Will you wait for a return to the way things were and watch your competitors accelerate by you?

Carpe diem! Where do you start?


You know where you have been.


Our Assessment will show you where you are now.


Next, discover where you need to go and then, develop a plan for getting there.

Remote Guide

Our Remote Guides enable your organization to gain speed, agility and resilience while working remotely.

Our Remote Guides do not work from a position of actual authority in your organization. Each of our Remote Guides lead from a position of influence, often taking a servant-leadership stance.

Our Remote Guides can work with a single remote team or multiple remote teams. In larger organizations, multiple Remote Guides are available to accelerate your transformation to working remotely with speed, agility and resilience.

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Remote Resources

Every organization working remotely is learning every day how to work more effectively together.

But the journey is often a long and winding road as teams evolve through the stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, performing, and swarming. Of course, teams can get stuck in any of these stages and fail to reach the swarming level.

Our Remote Guides are uniquely qualified to detect these setbacks and lead your teams on their working remote journey. In addition, we offer a wide range of online resources to accelerate your teams' journey to speed, agility and resilience while working remotely.

Building Personal, Interpersonal & Team Skills for Remote Team Performance

Implementing Agile Values, Principles, Processes and Events for Team Speed & Agility

Developing Servant Leadership Skills for Organizational Resilience

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Remote Talent

One of the greatest benefits of working remotely is your access to global talent, rather than being limited to only the best available local talent.

Remote Velocity has access to some of the most talented people in the world as well as some of the most talented development teams for specialized projects.

Every Remote Velocity resource is carefully vetted for both their technical proficiency and their real skills to work effectively with others and team members in a remote role.

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