Remote Assessment

Our Remote Speed, Agility and Resilience Assessment is designed to establish a baseline for your organization’s current situation in adapting to working remotely.
We engage your team members to reveal your organizations' strengths and opportunities for improvement across these dimensions:


Where is your team going? How will you get there? How has working remotely impacted your team’s alignment with your organizational values, vision and mission?


How are your team’s structured today? How do they need to be structured for working remotely? Are you teams staffed with the right talent?


Working remotely, more and more effective communication is essential? How have your communication patterns changed in this brave new world?


Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How has working remotely changed your culture? What are you doing to align strategy and culture?


Organizations exist to produce results. How are you measuring tour team’s performance? What are you doing to bring speed and agility into your execution while working remotely?


What is the role of leadership while working remotely? Are you developing leadership across all members of every team? Are your leaders working to serve team members?

How it Works

Your Assessment will reveal how your organization is meeting the challenges of working remotely and the disparity of perspectives of your team members, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

In addition, you’ll receive our custom analysis of your organization’s situation and recommendations for accelerating your journey to speed, agility and resilience.

Remote Assessment Subscription

Although establishing a baseline is vitally important, it is equally important to measure your progress over time. Our Assessment subscription enables your organization to not only learn where you are while working remotely, but also assess the impact of your transformation initiatives along the way each quarter.

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